Leap of Kindness Day

What will you do with the extra day we all get this Leap Year, on Saturday, February 29, 2020?

Our idea – – take part in Leap of Kindness Day and do something kind for someone else.

To help you participate, we reached out to local nonprofits in Hilliard and asked them for some ideas. While you can wait to deliver any items you might donate, we encourage everyone to start collection activities within your workplace or organization as soon as possible to maximize your participation and community impact.
The Hilliard Chamber is excited to bring this opportunity to our community and partner with the Hilliard Community Foundation! Let?s use this extra day, on Saturday, February 29th or on Friday, February 28th, to do something kind for someone else. We are inviting all of our members, their employees and the community at-large to participate.
What are ways that you can participate? Please see below for some needed items. Some ideas may be organizing food and clothing drives, contribute money to local nonprofits, provide meals to first responders, flowers to nursing home residents, write a note of gratitude to someone in your life who has made a difference, write notes to residents of nursing homes, collect items for animals in shelters, and much more.

Leap of Kindness Day is in partnership with the Hilliard Area Chamber of Commerce

Interested and want to know more? Feel free to contact us at info@hilliardchamber.org
Here’s what our local nonprofits are requesting:

Mill Run Rehabilitation Center, Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living:
We could use a Homemade hospitality cart on wheels that looks like a “Home” to serve refreshments, a bean bag baseball board and a glider for the garden that is made for seniors height.  A portable sound system for presentations, a Lecture for presentations,  Gift cards from Lowes, Home Depot, Target, Wal-mart, Miejers, Hilliard area restaurants, to be used to enhance our quality of life program.
Pretty variety of unopened napkins, plates and cups for Holiday events coming up in the New Year.  Bird food for our feeders, the folks love to see our backyard friends. 10 Drums for our senior Drumming Circle….music is great for the soul.  Lap, hand held size would be great.  Nice soft wash cloths of a neutral color. Entertainment, musical, educational or travel presentations.  We need great conversational visits for those who like to have engaging conversations.  Someone who likes to do manicures and hand massages…..we have the supplies!  Scrabble, euchre and bridge players or those who just like to put together a jigsaw puzzle. Bakers Crafters to do simple crafts…We appreciate any time or talent that could be spent with us.  Contact Shelia Waters at 614-527-3000 x135 for further details or questions.
3399 Mill Run Drive, Hilliard, OH  43026
Columbus Humane:
Below is a link to their wish list for items they currently need at the shelter. A high priority on the list of needs is durable “tuff” toys for the dogs.   Contact Brittany Williams at 614-777-7387 or bwilliams@columbushumane.org for further details or questions.
3015 Scioto Darby Executive Court, Hilliard, OH  43026
Mayfair Village Nursing Center:
Would like to be recipients. Please contact Julie Klein at 614-889-6320 or Julie_klein@lcca.com for further information.
3000 Bethel Road, Columbus, OH  43220
Operation Joy by 3rd & Goal:
A way we show our gratitude is through creating joy in the lives of our veterans. 3rd & Goal truly believes in serving those who have served all of us. 3rd & Goal shares its resources with veterans in Hilliard and elsewhere. Sometimes the best way to serve is to do the things that help our heroes in need forget about their troubles and remember there are people who care about them. We are constantly adapting and finding new ways to create joy in the lives of our heroes. Adopting families during the holiday season, taking veterans to football games or concerts, serving dinners and planning events at the veteran shelters are just a few of the ways we help with spreading joy to those who need it the most. We are always looking for socks, white undershirts, bingo prizes ? very basic stuff for the veteran shelter, they love anything!  Please visit https://www.3rdandgoalfoundation.org/ for more information.
2025 Riverside Drive, Columbus, OH  43221
Hilliard Assisted Living and Memory Care:
They would love to have people come to visit them.  Please contact Joan Rankin at 614-319-3305 or jrankin@spectrumretirement.com for more information or questions.
4303 Trueman Blvd., Hilliard, OH  43026

Norwich Township Fire Department:
Would like to be recipients. Please contact Jeff Warren at 614-309-9206 or jeff_warren@norwichtownship.org  for further information.
Hilliard Division of Police:
Would like to receive notes of encouragement or thanks. Drop off or mail to Hilliard Police, 5171 Northwest Parkway, Hilliard, OH  43026.
Carriage Court Hilliard:
Would like to be recipients. Please contact Kristin Ippoliti at 614-529-7470 or kippoliti@carriagecourthilliard.com for further information.
Hilliard Food Pantry:
Would like to be recipients. Please contact Matt Austin at 614-363-4159 or maustin@hilliardfoodpantry.com for further information.
SON Ministries:
Would like some help with ESL classes or provide a meal for a child. Please contact Jean Griffith at 614-586-7939 or visit their website at https://son-ministries.org/ for more information.
2300 Lytham Road, Columbus, OH  43220
Little Hercules Foundation:
Would like to be recipients. Please contact Kelly Maynard at 614-389-0026 or kelly@littleherculesfoundation.org for further information.
Patches of Light:
Would like to be recipients. Please contact Mindy Atwood at 614-946-7544 or patchesoflight@aol.com  for further information.
Dots Tots Foundation:
Would like to be recipients. Please contact Andy Warnock at 740-815-5632 or dotstotsfoundation@gmail.com for further information.
Families for a Cure:
Would like to be recipients. Please contact Pat Puhl at 614-402-6195 or patp@familiesforacure.org for further information.
Hilliard American Legion Post 614:
Would like to be recipients. Please contact Tom Rowe Jr. at 614-284-8714 or commander@hilliardamericanlegion.org for further information.
VFW Post 4931:
Would like to be recipients. Please contact Paul Ritzenthaler at 614-395-0302 or quartermaster@vfw4931.org  for further information.
Hilliard Ohio Historical Society:
Would like to be recipients. Please contact Tim Woodruff at 614-563-1606 or pentim41@yahoo.com  for further information.

Please share what “acts of kindness? you are doing with us on Facebook or send us an email. We will make every effort we can to thank and publicly acknowledge all of the acts of kindness taking place. When doing any social media post, use #LeapOfKindnessDay2020 so we can keep track and keep it trending! We are only one of over 50 chambers of commerce in the country and Canada doing this and also have a chamber in Ireland also engaged in providing kindness!